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Homo Combinatus is a book in which structure and functioning of the human brain are considered, fully independently of what we, for the moment, will call 'the hardware'.
As that brain did not just fall from the sky it is necessary to show its development and its relation to the rest of the body. So the book commences with a brief description of the presumable genesis of the living beings and their development up to and including man.

The principle of Homo Combinatus is that you do not need to know where things happen, for that will not be any help, but that you have to know how and why they happen. So there is no fussing about 'frontal cortex', 'hippocampus', 'amygdala', lobule this and lobule that. We'd rather leave that kind of things to those who are directly occupied with them. They will without problem recognize the concerned components from the description.

The way in which we are constructed differs from what you would expect.  Please see the extensive quotation on the next page for a comprehensive explanation.

Darwinists and Creationists,
you should not miss page 2 of this website.

For the explanation of the harelip you must not skip page 3.

Het principe

The limbs in the middle are left out
The egg cell as well as the sperm cell contains a data set for building up a human. So in a fertilized egg cell we will find the data of two complete humans. Not of two half humans, it would be impossible to braid two half humans into a working whole. Their brains are very different, it simply cannot be done! So they are kept apart, mutually connected by means of the corpus callosum, each of them inside its own meninx.
Such a human has, apart from the parts of the skeleton, all components in the singular: one brain, one heart, one kidney, one lung etc.

Modified a bit here and there and joined together those two humans form the Homo Combinatus, the human as we see him, the human that we are. The Homo Combinatus shows an incitement in the middle, clearly visible from, among other things, forehead, lips, palate, tongue, crack between the front teeth, chin and breastbone. Further downward we also observe a marked 'center line'.
All, or at any rate practically all, components are twofold present and sometimes joined together (our heart distinctly exists of two joined hearts but our lungs and our kidneys are only coupled).
If joining does not fully pass off not only clearly visible deviations like an open palate, a harelip, an open spine, will appear, but also deviations like the multiple personality syndrome, the Gilles de la Tourette syndrome and the savant, the cause of which one would not directly read off the exterior.

For centuries psychologists and neurologists have been wrestling with a number of questions to which there seems to be no answer, for instance:

- how can it be that people think that they are not alone in their body, hear voices, think that they have landed in the wrong body?
- why do we reproduce and why do we need sex (one does not follow automatically from the other!)
- how are we built up? Do the parts of the puzzle land in the right places all by themselves?
- why do genders exist and why are, next to those genders, also sexual orientations needed, the latter only causing a lot of trouble?
- for what reason do people sometimes, after a brain hemorrhage, only perceive half a world anymore?
- why are the nerves of the eyes split up and why are the inner halves crossed?
- what is the matter when we have a burn-out?
- how do speaking errors - spoonerisms - arise (A cosy little nook / A nosy little cook) and why are they always following the same patterns?
- why must we sleep and dream and what is happening during dreaming?
- what is the reason why things that are very important to us one day are of no importance the next?
- what is the matter with many ADHD-children?
- what makes the chimera arise, the person who does not pass on his DNA, which makes that paternity tests are not fully reliable and sexual crimes cannot be seized?
- but also: what makes beer mainly a beverage for men?

When one departs from the Homo Combinatus, the combined human, like he is described in the homonymous book, it turns out that all these things can be positively explained!

Homo Combinatus provides the reader with the complete survey of man he had to do without up till now. From man’s coming about up to and including his end.
It shows not only that each of us in essence consists of two coupled, separate persons, but also that each of the brains of those two persons - once more: it is absolutely not a matter of brain halves, in other words: of half (!) brains - is divided in various more or less independently functioning components, who each of them are provided with their own intelligence.
The latter mentioned property enables them not only to co-operate and even to take over each other's tasks in some cases but, alas, also to something that is anything but congenial: they can obstruct and even completely trip up each other! Addiction, the Gilles de la Tourette syndrome and demoniacal possession are, of course, the most well-known examples, but we all do things 'against our will' from time to time. 'What, for heaven's sake, makes me do such a thing!' we are asking ourselves then.

Each of the two brains has its own inherited character. Those characters may fit each other - and in ideal cases completely supplement each other - but they can also be opposite, the result of which may be disastrous.

In each of the two brains, among other things, a component is to be found (named Ego) that in principle is able to control a body (a body with 2 arms and 2 legs that is!) and to communicate with the outside world and a component (named General Manager) that is able to control the body internally.

Only one of the Egos is actually enabled to control the two joined bodies, so he controls the body of the other Ego too. The controlling facilities of the latter are blocked. In literature the controlling Ego is usually described as the 'dominant' one. All data that are received through the senses land with him.

The other one, who receives the data through him, and on that basis supports him, lives in a certain sense in a virtual world. This may cause problems, as he can lose contact with reality; interchange of data between the two brains is not always optimal and even practically absent with most 'savants'.
He may grow conscious of the fact that they are together, become frustrated because he has no direct influence and incite the latter to the most extreme deeds: voices in the head!

However, when everything is as it should be the Egos see themselves as a whole, without having any idea that they are together. They build up all of their thoughts together, the whole mental process is established by means of a constant interchange of data to which each of them contributes his specialisms: two minds but a single thought!

Homo Combinatus aims at a large reading public, so not specifically at those who are professionally occupied with the before mentioned matters. Its easily readable, rather popular style makes it in principle accessible to anyone. No basic knowledge is needed although an ample general education and particularly some reading are highly recommended.

Topical Matters

Corona: Wild dreams

There seems to be a lot of talk going on about the funny dreams that visit people who suffer from a Corona infection. Years ago an infection, that had a course which was fully identical to the course of a corona infection, was the incent to the writing of Homo Combinatus.
The author, though being in a terrible condition, managed never the less to document his experiences, of which he herewith represents the essentials.

It all started with a pneumonia that changed the lungs into creaking sponges, enlarged itself to a damaged aria around a razor sharp calcination in the head and settled there.

After a couple of days it became clear that a cooperation was established between viruses and fungi, whereas the last mentioned produced LSD or more or less identical substances, that completely disrupted the brain. Such co-operations are very well known, they virtually always occur.

A very well known - and feared - fungus is Candida Albicans. That is a kind of mixture of a yeast and a fungus. Normally it lives as a yeast (so without a mycelium, a root system), but as soon as it gets a chance it will at top speed develop a mycelium, which makes that clots come about in the fluids in our body.
Candida Albicans will usually work together with other fungi, for instance the notorious Aspergilles Niger.

There is no sense in describing here the insanely dreams that arise under the influence of the drugs that are produced by the fungi. In books about fungi one finds examples of drawings that were made under the influence of such materials, the drawings that are made by shamans are generally known. The strange sounds one hears cannot be reproduced here at all, of course, but one recognizes them on recordings that have been produced under the influence of LSD.

The clots that are produced by Candida Albicans obstruct the flow of every kind of fluid in our body, for instance blood and cerebrospinal fluid. Because of that the heart is suffering badly. The viruses and fungi are fought by means of fever, but this generates a problem: the heart and the brain must not be over heated. Especially the head has to be kept cool (ancient wisdom), the heart may be cooled via the blood vessels in the arms, a very commonly known system.

In order to prevent the emergence of blockings as much as possible, the head is constantly kept moving by means of little tugs, whereas the position of the body is regularly changed. The Operating System in our brain takes care of that. In Homo Combinatus it is called the ‘General Managers’, it manages the body and maintains it. An other way to prevent blockings is the rhythmically squinting of the hands and there must be lots of other ways. Everybody will probably know someone who - in daily life too - keeps his or her head constantly moving by means of little tugs.
At this point things go wrong in the ICU’s. The patient is sedated – lamed – which makes it impossible for the Operating System to drive the body and for patient and practitioner to communicate.
Coughing up the goo in the lungs is not possible anymore. The fungi and bacteria that are abundant in this substance seize their opportunity and demolish with their poisons their surroundings and indirectly the whole body, that has been rendered completely defenseless, in which they can virtually unhindered reproduce and propagate. As a further result of the sedation the Operating System itself may also be impeded in its functioning.

A strange phenomenon emerges now: despite all costly equipment nobody noticed how very wrong things went, time after time, when heart and vascular system of patients were often completely blown up!!! The heart of the woman who is seen as the first American Corona-victim was completely ripped open.

Something has to be fundamentally wrong in the ICU’s, where amidst plenty of costly equipment no one notices that in patients the blood flow is blocked and that they are blowing up their heart!
The most horrible aspect is the possibility that the 'sedated' persons experience the whole thing consciously. Some openness would be a good thing, here!

The survivors will undoubtedly have told their story, but stil a deafening silence prevails.

Of course it is not easy to admit that one has offended against the most fundamental basic principles and is unable to do something useful with the enormous quantity of equipment that is available. But sooner or later the consequences will have to be faced, at which there has to be taken care that not the worn out critical care nurses are framed for the responsibility.

The approach is fundamentally wrong and administering some blood thinner or ‘anti-inflammatory’ is no more than a band-aid. The latter is simply a variant of the very well-known story of an other ‘anti-inflammatory’ that, too, reduces the risk of heart attacks: the aspirin.
It looks like we have to do here with a problem that is playing worldwide, for which no individual players can be held responsible. There can be no question of ‘settling of accounts’ , the matter shall be discussed in complete transparency, preferably under a central leadership, so that the training as well as the course of events at the ICU’s are adapted and further victims are avoided.
A little job for the politics perhaps? It might make quite a nice intervention of the daily routine, a politician who makes himself useful is not something you encounter every day.

It appears that mainly people who are a bit on the heavy side succumb to a Corona infection. Here, too, we see again such a cooperation: the adeno virus, that accelerates the forming of fat cells, functions as a trailblazer for the corona-virus, the same way the corona virus and similar viruses serve as trailblazers for the fungi. Those who want to be informed about the impact of the adeno virus on the human body have only to enter the keywords adenovirus adiposity and adenovirus corona into their search engine.

But obesity may also have other causes, for instance this one: an operating system, that cannot cope, enforces the notorious binges in order to stop all activities. The people to whom such things happen would very much like to behave differently but they are literally enforced by their operating system, that is able to manipulate them in any way and in the end pulls all the strings in our body. Operating systems have, just like all other parts of our body, their peculiarities and deviations. These operating systems will simply not accept the extra burden that would come forth from a one and a half meter society. That will not happen, therefore.

The above sentences were put on this website a couple of weeks before the following events took place. Do you remember the celebrating Liverpool fans, the 'major incidents' on June 25 at Bournemouth, Brighton, Maryland, Knokke-Heist? People became completely careless and the beaches got overcrowded. So that is what you get if the operating systems intervene and start messing around with the priorities. That utterly annoying little virus was suddenly of no importance anymore.

In Homo Combinatus is explained how this influencing by the operating system, which is described a bit simplified here, functions. You will also find this and that on page 3 of this website, under the heading: Brains chatter unconsciously.

Homo Combinatus, page 118: But men and women influence each other also rather strongly through respiration or through the skin, without direct contact. We always feel better when the distinct sexes are in eachother's company.

Under the heading Kissing you will find some more information below.

MSN 5 May 2020: RTL nieuws: Three Russian doctors fall out of a window after criticizing the corona approach.

Of course all kinds of conspiracy theories appear immediately. But how many criticizing Russian doctors would actually not have fallen out of a window? And would there really not be a more unobtrusive way to clean away criticizing doctors?

These doctors were all three of them treated because of a corona-infection and the way in which they met with disaster reminds one very strongly of the antics users of LSD perform. They clime on the roofs of apartment buildings, for instance, in order to find some coolness there.


MSN - WEL.NL Gerard Driehuis 23-06-2018 : Why we kiss.

We will leave the first and last parts of this article out of account and confine ourselves to the part in the middle, in which we read the following:

Evolutionairy psychologist Gordon Gallup of the Albany University at New York thinks that we 'examen' eachother by means of kissing. Animals lick and sniff eachother not only for strengthening the social ties. 'By coming so close to eachother, animals pick up signals and directions that are important for reproduction', explains Gallup to Quest. 'By licking, smelling and tasting, they examen their potential partner.'
'Kissing is a mechanism that shall reveal whether the potential partner is healthy and whether he or she is fitting genetically.' According to Gallup you gather a lot of chemical information about your partner while kissing.

It is always a pleasure to read the words of a fellow-thinker. Besides that you, dear reader, hear these things from someone else for a change. Of course there will always be differences, for instance this: in Mr Gallups vision sex and reproduction are one, where as Homo Combinatus explains that it aint necessarily so . . . and besides that why there are males and females at all. But naturally Mr Gallup will have his thoughts about this, too, although they are not expressed in the limited article.

Homo Combinatus:

Chapter 5 of Homo Combinatus is titled: SEXUALITY AND SEXUAL ORIENTATION.
It is completely devoted to those two items at which everything is put in its context, as is the rule in Homo Combinatus.
And with that we face once more the familiar problem: all things in such a chapter are interwoven with eachother and the rest of the book and it is impossible to reshape some parts for fitting this website by leaving data out. The only option that remains is to select a view sentences that come as close to the before article as possible.

Please keep in mind that the sentences beneath are only a few out of a chapter of 48 pages, in which these items are extensively discussed.

- - - () - - -

When a man and a woman want to do it with eachother they start with sniffing each other and working each other over with their tongues, in order to ascertain what may be expected and to interchange a thing or two beforehand (people who only kiss yet can go on with that for hours, but after they started to practise sex completely they have hardly need for it).

- - - () - - -

In some cultures the working over with the tongue is omitted, there is supplementary sniffing instead, while the lovers deeply inhale each other's odors. This is done in Indonesia, for instance. Usually such a restriction will have a religious background.

- - - () - - -

In short, each animal species has its own methods. Often we may observe the male licking the back of the female's neck or back of the head while mating. Towards the time she gets ready for mating a big lump will apear in the back of the neck of the female of the famous Tasmanian devil, to which the male will hold on with its teeth during mating, which may last for several hours. The male of the equally famous Komodo-monitor licks the whole body of the female. With humans we see amongst others the toe-slickers . . .

- - - () - - -

There will always be some differences, things are not always exactly what they look. In Homo Combinatus (page 125) it says , for instance, that a shift in the sexual orientation of the child will arise if the mother gets out of balance as a result of the hormones of a male child and as a reaction to that produces an abundant quantity of female hormones, or produces extra male hormones because an excess of female hormones from a female child got her out of balance.
But in 2017 research by a combined team from Brock University, Harvard University and Toronto University, with Brock University professor Tony Bogaert as lead researcher, revealed that in case of a male child things seem to be just a bit different: the mother does not produce extra female hormones, but produces some matter that blocks male hormones instead. So the method differs slightly.

Of course they could have known this at Quest a long time ago. When in 2010 Homo Combinatus was released they received a copy. Maybe part of the reason is that the author of Homo Combinatus does not give interviews and is, besides that, not part of the official scientific world.

Meet the ancesters.

Breaking News Stories from US and around the World 03-24-2020: Fossil worm shows our evolutionary beginnings.

The article describes the discovery by Prof. Scott Evans and Prof. Mary Droser, both of the University of California at Riverside, California, of a small worm-like organism that lived in burrows on the seafloor more than 500 million years ago and is described as the earliest example yet found in the fossil record of a bilateranian (an organism that is organized around a basic bilatarian bodyplan, which means that it has a front and a rear, or in other words an inlet and an outlet), which might make it the key to the evolution of much of the animal kingdom, from worms to insects to dionasaurs to humans, that feature the same bodyplan. The organism has been called Ikaria wariootia

Homo Combinatus:

Of course Homo Combinatus would not be Homo Combinatus if it had not something to say about such a basic matter.
Page 31: So the real looks of a human are actually those of some kind of worm (from which he will probably have descended) with at each side a front legg and a hind legg, one specimen present of each organ, ears and eyes included.
Page 51/52: This generates with us a certain degree of recognition, which makes us fool ourselves into believing that we reproduced ourselves! A human who creates a human!! Rubbish, dear one-eyed four legged little worms!

The benefits of sex.

MSN 04-11-2019: GRAZIA, the redaction: Proven: sex provides you with a good night's sleep.

We lift only the sentence beneath out of the article:

Michele Lastella, a sleep researcher of the Appleton Institute for Behavioral Science, recently discovered that two thirds of the people sleep better after having sex.

Homo Combinatus:

Out of Homo Combinatus, too, we lift only one sentence, which is to be found in the chapter about Sexuality and Sexual Orientations.
The specific why of sex before going to sleep is to be found in that chapter as well.

Sex serves for making humans relax. If that is unsuccessful, for instance because one cannot find a suitable partner, it may happen that other ways are looked for.

Drinking beer. MSN 7-7-2018 - Stars Insider 19-10-17 : This woman is paid for drinking beer.

The article is about Anne Becerra, who sees it as her mission to develop the taste of women for beer.
Well, that looks to be a very noble mission, for which we wish her every succes, although we are verry sorry to think that she might have overlooked something essential: there is a reason for which men swallow beer and women don't. Homo Combinatus contains an explanation, which is part of the explanation of the reason for sex, which will not be discussed here now.
For a hint upon this matter just scrutinize the above sentences from Homo Combinatus.

Activities after death.

MSN 19-10-17 : Your ghost continues after your death: you know that you are dead.

When your body is stone-dead your ghost goes on functioning, at least for a short time. That is the conviction of scientists of the NYU Langone School of Medicine in New York City who are doing research upon reanimation. They say that they have evidence that people who were physically completely dead, yet (after they had been resuscitated)possessed detailed knowledge of what had happened after they died. Some can tell which way and by whom they were pronounced dead. There are indications that when someone is technically dead – the heart does not beat anymore, there are no reflexes anymore – a big energy performs in the brain. This energy is strong, but does not last long. For the time being no one knows what it is and how it is possible: activity after death.

MSN 19-10-17 : Scientist: life after death 'is impossible.'

To anyone who does still believe in it, this is a cold shower: according to scientist Sean Caroll there is yet 'no life after death', because it is simply impossible according to the laws of nature. Caroll says that your consciousness should be completely seperated from your body then. And that can not be done. "Consciousness is a series of atoms and electrons that provides us with our gost.", so professor Caroll of California University. According to the 'laws of the universe' these atoms and electrons do not allow to go on when our bodies have broken down. "There is absolutely no chance within de physical laws that information that is stored inside our brain, will remain when we die.", he wrote in the Scientific American.

Against Metro (a Dutch paper) he continues: "If it is only and purely about atoms and electrons and the known other fields of force, then there is probably in no way a possibility for our soul to survive."

Homo Combinatus:

The first chapter of Homo Combinatus is dedicated to the question what life is, how and why it does arise and which way living beings develop.
On page 2 of this website you will also find this and that about it. For getting a bit more coherence between the data you had perhaps better read that first before you continue here. The quotation mentioned below is only a very limited part of the argumentation and words like 'Thingies' and 'toolbox' may cause a strange impression.
The concept 'consciousness', too, comes up for discussion in that first chapter. Here we leave it out of account.

Thingies work through the toolbox, the only part to connect them to the body. As each cell is an independent unit, provided with a toolbox, there will be a Thingie present in each cell, to store part of the energy that is produced by the cell, presumably a certain kind of energy. So we consist of a collection of cells as well as of a collection of Thingies and exactly like our thinking and acting result from the co-operation of a huge number of independent cells, the co-operation between the Thingies will lead to a single, coherent, intelligent personality. Thingies arise as part of a toolbox and each toolbox that emerges from another one will automatically bring the coming of a new Thingie. In each of our cells a Thingie is present. After we die they get out or are unable to maintain any longer. As a result a quantity of energy gets released that, for some reason or other, still more or less has the shape of the human that brought it forth and even for a short period - usually no longer then a few days - may function as a human, although actual contact with our world is not possible any longer: the ghost appearance. Millions of people perceive these ghost appearances and it would be a good thing if an end would come to the denial and ridiculing of their experiences.
In the case of near death experiences the getting out of the joint Thingies might have a temporary character.

The subconsciousness.

MSN 06-11-17 : Does the subconsciousness really exist?

A century ago Freud concocted that much in our live is determined by our 'subconsciousness'. According to Freud the subconsciousness was a source of animal instincts, that were restrained by the consciousness. Not much of Freud's theories is standing anymore, but that we are driven to a great extent by our subconsciousness still stands. But there is a growing question amidst psychologists and scientists: does the subconsciousness really exist?

We can keep it short:

There are 2 sorts of people:
- those who read Homo Combinatus,
- those who did not read Homo Combinatus.
The first category understands all about the subconciousness, the second has no idea.

With regard to the restraining of the 'animal instincts' we find in Homo Combinatus among other things:
The author remembers from his youth a woman school doctor of whom was told that she always had a little ruler at hand: one smart tap and it was over.
No, she never used the thing for measuring . . .

Or would Freud perhaps have had some other kind of methods in mind?


MSN 15-11-17 : Huge growth of number of burn-outs.

The number of working people with a burn-out has risen with no less than fifty percent in two years time. By now no less than 15 percent of the women and 9 percent of the men had a burn-out.

These figures come from research by Nyenrode university and the magazine Intermediair, out of which the Volkskrant (a Dutch newspaper) publicizes this morning. For the research 72.000 people were questioned and besides that it was important that a family doctor, too, had determined the burn-out. In that respect this research is unique, the paper says. Other researchers ask mainly about the working peoples own experiences.
We leave the rest of the article here out of account. In that part is correctly stated that a burn-out can happen to anyone and that the accretion is mainly due to the "proliferation of fixed term contracts."

In Homo Combinatus 3 pages are devoted to the burn-out. Here we reproduce only a part of the 2 last paragraphs:

Unfortunately it is often not up to us to determine which way we will burden ourselves and how far we will go at that. In particular the specialists find themselves in an adverse position. To many managers they are no more than interchangeable elements in a conduct of business that is regarded as some sort of mutual match, a childlike, not to say childish 'battle', the questionable level of which reveals itself to the outside, among other things, in matters like building the highest office-tower.

- - - () - - -

Constantly hurrying people, continuous introduction of renewals, always impeding follow-up courses, will ruin an increasing number of people. To the Database Management Systems, with their utterly complicated task, it is unfeasible to store this torrent of data in the databases within a reasonable time, which makes that those data have to stay in the main memories that therefore have to be kept continuously under tension, are exposed to an enormous wear and cannot be maintained.
The results are disastrous.

A limited pilot edition of the English version of Homo Combinatus, which is not commercially available, has been completed.
A pilot edition means in this case that paper quality, letter type and layout are what they, according to the author, should be (and thus, the cover included, at the disposal of publishers), but it has not been reviewed by a native speaker, because publishers might want to have a hand in that. The pilot version must also be seen as only a lead, subject to interpretation by the publisher.

If you are a publisher in the field of psychology and neurology, suffering from an inclination to heroism, a real daredevil, so to speak, and, because of that, thinking that you might be the one to publish the English version of this controversial book - or a version in any other language than Dutch - then please contact the author for a free copy and further information.

A limited number of free copies is also available to professional phoneticians, who would like to get acquainted with the solution for the 'elusive' problem of the Spoonerisms it contains.

For direct contact with the author please send an e-mail to:

Did you send an e-mail to this adress and was there no reaction? Sorry: your e-mail must have been lost. The best solution is to send it again.

Homo Combinatus - Latin for: the combined human - is purely a scientific work. It has nothing to do with eroticism, let alone with pornography.
It explains, meticulously formulated, among other things why there are genders and sexual orientations and what the consequences thereof are. Not everyone is equally happy about that and because of that this book and everything that has any connection with it has from the beginning been the object of all sabotage methods you may think of, so also via internet and e-mail. E-mails are in a habit of not reaching the author.

If you are, in spite of the efforts of the author to prevent it, confronted with pictures in the field of eroticism and pornography or misleading circumscriptions of the contents of the book, then please contact the responsible firm behind the search engine, to express your displeasure.
- 1 -